Types: Trial Graphics, Timelines, Aerials, Interactive Exhibits

Custom created player options tailored specifically to the requirements of your case

Illustrate a timeline of events during a specific time span with full control over the playback speed

Give your expert the ability to connect with the jury by enabling them to interact with exhibits. This adds an entirely new element to the visual communication process bewteen you, the witness, the judge and the jury.

Our talented trial graphic design team focuses on how to turn information into compelling visual stimuli. Whether its through Decision Tree Navigation or symbols that eliminate the need for excess verbage.

Through the use of charts, graphs, and diagrams information can be illustrated for easier comprehension while accentuating keys points.


Aerial maps / scene photos can be utlizied in several ways. Aerial images can be blown up onto display boards to assist with orienting the jury and vehicles can be placed for still shot reenactments of accidents. 3D imagery can be superimposed over scene photos for an even more dramatic effect.


Advantages of Legal Timelines:

  • - Easy comprehension of chronological events
  • - Illustrate time lapses between events
  • - Illustrate overlap of events
  • - Show trends

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Trial Graphics - Timeline
Trial Graphics - Timeline
Interactive Timeline of Events
Interactive Timeline of Events
Interactive Timeline of Events